Hot Water Solutions

Hot water systems include commercial, solar, electric, gas, instantaneous hot water systems. These hot water systems may consist of one or more hot water heaters including a cylinder to emit hot water in the required areas; for instance, in the shower blocks, spa baths, and many other similar locations. The other areas where hot water systems are extensively used are the kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Installing hot water system in the right way is important to keep them from rusting, splitting, and getting damaged. Some of the well-known brands to update or replace your hot water systems include Rheem, Dux, Vulcan, Rinnai, and Bosch. Southern Waters Plumbing specialises in all types of hot water heater installation.

Different systems are recommended for different living situations including whether you are a single, a couple or a family.  We are happy to help explain different options and why they might suit you and help achieve the most economical result.

We understand that replacing a hot water system and choosing a new hot water installation can be daunting; therefore, we will present you with all options including:

Gas hot water
Continuous flow hot water heater- gas or electric
Electric hot water
Commercial hot water systems

Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and constantly trained to stay up to date to ensure that every hot water installation adheres to strict Australian standards. We also offer you a 10-year labour guarantee on our services for that peace of mind.

When you need advice on supply or servicing your thermostatic mixing valves (thermo-mixers), Southern Waters Plumbing are able to help you. Thermo-mixers ensure accurate and economical temperature management by providing on/off control without repeated re-adjustment of your hot and cold water supplies. Southern Waters Plumbing can also protect your working environment with backflow device installation and testing, one way valves to conserve water and low flow thermo mixers with precise and adjustable calibration and inbuilt thermometers for water temperature accuracy.

For predictable, safe and reliable hot water in your home, office, school and business including health and child care facilities, seniors’ and disabled accommodation, clubs, restaurants and hotels, give Southern Waters Plumbing a call.

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  • Bulk hot water systems
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