Fire Hydrants and hose Reels

Southern Waters Plumbing is licensed for fire hydrant service installations; from booster installations to fire hose reels and hydrant pillars.

Commercial and industrial fire hydrant / hose reel systems are complex installations of piping, water tanks, outlets and hoses that provide a steady supply of high pressure water to any part of a building when it is needed most.

Fire accidents are so common in Melbourne with many older style buildings and poorly checked appliances. With the various electric equipment, gas lines, and fire hazards present inside most buildings, it does not take much for fires to start and grow, especially with older commercial and industrial buildings. Fires can potentially destroy thousands of dollars worth of assets and properties, burn and injure people, and even claim lives along the way.

Fire hose reels are an integral part of the first stage of fighting a fire. They can make a big difference to how far the fire spreads and how quickly you can protect your work or home.

We can cater for all of your fire hydrant installation, replacement and repair requirements on every residential, commercial and industrial property.

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