When do I need a compliance certificate?

Any plumbing, drainage or roofing work in Victoria over the value of $750, plus all gas fitting works, requires a compliance certificate. The VBA (Victorian Building Authority) charge plumbers for certificates to be issued.

    • Complex gas installations require ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) certification. At Southern Waters Plumbing we can sort out your plumbing certification needs.

Why does it take so long to get hot water at my sink?

This is a common problem with many potential causes including-

  • Distance from sink and hot water unit
  • Type, age and size of hot water unit
  • Pipe sizing to hot water unit

There are various ways to address this issue-

  • One may be to install a smaller hot water system that is closer to the sink
  • Installing insulation to your pipes can help to fix this issue, whilst also saving you energy, as the pipes (and water in the pipes) will be kept warmer for longer.
  • Installing a hot water circulation system with pump/s will speed up supply. Combined with a well designed system you can have almost instant hot water at your taps!

What are the advantages of a gas hot water system?

  • Running costs are less for gas systems than for electric.
  • Gas hot water systems heat the water faster. Time taken to heat a tank of cold water compared to electric is a fraction.
  • Gas hot water systems are environmentally friendly. Natural gas burns less CO2 to heat the water than electricity.

Are flushable wipes flushable?

No, not under any circumstances should you flush anything except toilet paper and human waste

Why is my water pressure lower than usual?

Damage, leaks and blockages in the water pipes in your system may be causing low water pressure. Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem. Call Southern Waters Plumbing today so we can help you find a solution.

What temperature should I set my hot water system?

It depends on the system-

    • A common electric or gas powered cylinder hot water system should be set at 60 -65 C and combined with a tempering valve set at 50 C.
    • Any hot water system with a storage tank connected needs to be a minimum of 60 C to eliminate any risk of legionella. This will then need to be mixed with cold water for a safer temperature. A maximum of 50 C to avoid scolding injury and 45 C or lower to be comfortable. This can be done with a tempering valve or in areas where greater control is needed, a thermostatic mixing valve.
    • Instant or instantaneous hot water systems can be set at varying temperatures. 45-65 C is common depending on your requirements, as they do not store water, legionella cannot develop.
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